7 Things that can Affect your Wedding Photography Pricing

wedding photography pricing

Hiring a professional photographer is essential for any modern wedding, allowing you to capture the delight of your day for eternity. However, setting the budget for affordable wedding photography can be difficult, with several different considerations potentially influencing the overall cost. If you’re currently deciding your budget, there are seven key areas you will need to factor into your decision-making, starting with…

1- Location

Some wedding locations are more difficult to photograph than others, which can add extra work to a photographer’s day and dictate they use specific equipment or techniques. The more challenging the location, the more expensive the photography will be.

wedding photography pricing

2- Your wedding date

If you are getting married on particularly popular days – such as Valentine’s Day, or a Saturday – then your wedding photography will likely be more expensive. As photographers are naturally more in-demand on these days, they need to raise their prices to compensate for quieter, less-popular days when they may have relatively few bookings.

3- Timing

The longer you intend your photographer to stay with your wedding party, the more expensive your package will be. If you’re looking to cut costs, it’s worth keeping the amount of time your photographer will spend with you to a minimum – you could opt for a professional for the post-ceremony photos, and rely on friends and family to take photographs as you get ready or party the night away at the reception.

4- Second shooters/staffing

Many wedding photographers can operate alone or with a single photography assistant. However, if your wedding day will be particularly busy, or you have a large wedding party that a single photographer may struggle to cover adequately, a second shooter may be required. If this is necessary, the overall cost will inevitably rise.

5- Travel

Your photographer – and their staff, if required – will need to travel to your chosen location, so the price will usually rise to cover the cost of travel. Wherever possible, choose a photographer who is local to your venue rather than your home – the fewer miles they have to travel, the more affordable the package is likely to be.


6- Prints

Many modern wedding photographers have moved away from providing physical prints, instead opting to deliver images on a USB file. However, if you would like your photographer to both take the images and print them, there will be an additional cost for this.

7- Additional shoots

Over recent years, additional shoots outside of the wedding day itself have become popular, with couples choosing professional photography for an engagement shoot, hen and stag party photos, and much more besides. The more individual shoots you are looking to capture, the more the price of your overall photography will rise.

In conclusion

When setting the budget for wedding photography, you will need to factor all of the above considerations into your decision making. Many professionals suggest that around 10% of your entire budget should be dedicated to the photography – however, if you want to keep the costs as manageable as possible, opting for a simple, wedding-day only package is likely to be the most affordable choice.

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