Small Wedding Entertainment Ideas for a Fun Day!

small wedding entertainment ideas

I know you want to plan a wedding with small gathering. Your guests count may be below 50 and you book a small venue for the wedding. Now it is time to plan wedding entertainment. Although there are many ways to entertain your guests, here are best ideas that suit a small crowd. These small wedding entertainment ideas will sure inspire you!

Hire a live band

small wedding entertainment ideas

Live band music is always in the top of wedding entertainment idea lists. Even your wedding is small and crowd is small, don’t think twice to hire a live band. You can easily hire an instrumental band for wedding after checking available options for small weddings. Your live band can be a guitarist and a singer, Singer with Keyboard  or a Singer with Guitarist ,Bassist  and a Drummer! All these bands consist of few people with instruments and therefore suit your limited space and even the budget!

Hire a magician

small wedding entertainment ideas

A magician can easily entertain a small group. When you plan a small wedding, then hiring a magician is another option to entertain your guests. I am sure they will have a memorable surprise on your wedding!

Plan a Photo Booth

A fun photo booth with accessories for different photo poses will be a good idea to keep your guests engaged. They will spend time having fun with different costumes, props and photo shoots. This will be another fun way to entertain your guests when you plan a small wedding.

Do you have any other ideas to add to this list? Let us know your small wedding entertainment ideas as a comment!

Hearty Weddings Team

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