10 Great Secrets to edit Wedding Videos

Secrets to edit Wedding Videos

Wedding holds a special place in everybody’s life this is why almost everybody makes sure that they hire the best video professional for this event. All of the expectations of the people, hustle on the wedding day and sudden rush puts a lot of pressure on video maker. Here I am mentioning 10 great secrets that can assist you in wedding video editing for a better result.

1. Choosing Gear

Technology becomes outdated every second day because of the daily inventions. It is totally okay if you go for branded DSLRs or Mirrorless cameras as their features and specifications are unmatchable but even the ordinary camera can do the similar job if you have chosen the right gear for it. Besides, lightening kits, as well as the reflectors, play a crucial role as they enhance the overall quality of the video. Choose the type of equipment you can handle well.

2. Audio

The rush, noise, and hustle on wedding event will make it super difficult for you to capture the audio. It is okay if you mute or put some music on the other parts of the wedding video. But doing the same with the vows of the bride and groom can make them super angry. Make sure you have handled the situation with the amazing microphones from Rode or lavalier mic. Besides, I highly recommend you to make a backup of your audio by recording with two different devices simultaneously.

Secrets to edit Wedding Videos

3. Get a B-Roll Coverage

Getting a B-roll coverage is as much important as making the backup of audio. You do not have to hire another videographer for this purpose if you cannot afford it. Most of the video makers just buy another camera with a tripod stand already zoomed on the subject. You just cannot leave the B roll camera on a tripod and go on with your video making, you will have to check the b-roll camera after every once in a while, to make sure it is capturing the video from the right angle and also to adjust the angle of the video.

4. Attend the rehearsal

Attending the rehearsal will give you an opportunity to know more about the flow of the event. You will get to know about the important jiffies, angles, light effects and everything during rehearsal. Besides, after consulting the bride and groom again on rehearsal will give you an idea about what they want in their wedding video. Familiarizing yourself with the locality and timetable will allow you to shoot more effectively.

5. Get Creative

Your personal creativity can play a huge role during this task. Your creativity will create a main difference between an ordinary video and your video. Try to capture certain things from different angles or put your ideas on the wedding schedule. For getting creative ideas for a wedding event just google it, use Pinterest, or watch a video on YouTube.

6. Shorter Videos

While editing the video, avoid adding all the details in it. The event must be of hours and you must have used 2-3 cameras but it is not necessary to add all the shoot in the final video. To make it better and attractive for the viewers try to keep the video smaller. Use different views from different cameras.

7. Use Transitions

The wedding is such a beautiful and important event in anybody’s life. Videos and photos are the memories of that event which lasts forever. A video editor should make those memories more beautiful by adding additional transitions and effects in the video. Try moving the video from one place to another while section changing. Another awesome thing that you can use is to fade to a camera to completely black or white in between the sections of videos. Besides, you can also try zooming in and zooming out a flower etc.

8. Arrangement of Clips

This step is very much important. Although the wedding function is pre-planned. It flows from one step to another making a beautiful story. Still, the responsibility comes to the video editor who must edit the video in such a creative way that it makes a striking storyline. You cannot just add vows in the start and bride walk in the end. Create a flow, use different angles, add transitions to make it more and more lovely.

9. Color Grading

The wedding is such a rush event that sometimes in a hustle of capturing the right moment you may forget to change the white balance of your camera. While editing the video you will notice different shades of colors in your video from different cameras and angles. This is where color grading and color adjustment comes into play.

10. Make Highlights

The wedding is a series of different moments bonded together. Such as the bride getting ready, groom getting ready, entering the halls, taking vows, dancing around the hall etc. After creating and finalizing the overall video. Make their highlights of teasers just to keep the interest. Add these highlights at the start of the video and right before playing that particular section of the video. It will keep the audience attentive, interested and curious about the next part.

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