Rain at Indian wedding venue: A guide to prepare

Rain at Indian wedding venue

Weather is the most unpredictable thing in India. Be it Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata or Chennai. Irrespective of the seasons, it can rain anytime anywhere. Outdoor weddings look amazing with all the decors and colorful tents and lights. It is great to have a wedding under the naked sky. However even in a south Delhi wedding venue, it’s important to be prepared for sudden rains. Even with slight rainfall, things can turn disastrous. Therefore a backup plan or a rainproof outdoor wedding must be included in the plan.

Things to be prepared for a sudden rainfall at an outdoor wedding

Inform the decorators about sudden rainfall– It is true, we cannot totally rely upon the weather forecast to inform us about a sudden rainfall. According to the banquet halls in Gurgaon, it is better to be prepared for such incidents. It’s best to inform the decorators as they might plan accordingly to save the day and celebrate the occasion as planned.

Food area must be waterproof– the food areas must be waterproof. If a sudden rain occurs, at least the food area will not be hampered. This will cut down the cost of keeping the whole area waterproof.

Update the family members and relatives about the weather– it is better to inform the guests and the other family members about the weather. This will help them to take extra precautions as Indian wedding is all about gorgeous outfits.

A standby tent-According the banquet halls in Gurgaon, in case of a sudden rainfall, it is important to take a precaution and make a stand up rent. The décor people might set up the tent as they prepare for monsoon weddings. The tent must be big, so that all the guests fit in and save themselves from getting drenched.

Use garden umbrellas to decorate– huge garden umbrellas can make the venue pretty. Outdoor weddings are great for decorations. However with all the tents and covered food areas it might be difficult to make it beautiful, but with colorful garden umbrellas any venue will look amazing and also save people from rain.

A backup indoor area– In case of heavy downpour, it is best to have a backup indoor setup. If all the plans of umbrellas and tents fail, the indoor area will save the day. Often guests are not comfortable with the rain. But it’s important to like the indoor place same as the outdoor one.

Set up someone with umbrellas at the gates– with an unpredictable weather, it’s better to set up someone at the gate with multiple umbrellas incase a guest comes unprepared will not have to drench.

Set a buffer time– often due to heavy rain, the guests might get stuck in traffic or arrive late. In such cases, set a buffer time and wait for the guests to arrive. That way nothing will be missed and everything will still work according to the plan.

Hire more cars– In case it rains heavily at a south Delhi wedding venue, extra cars will help the guests that are living in a nearby hotel to reach the venue without any hassle.

Everything is possible in any situation with a positive mind set up. It is better to be prepared for the worst and make the wedding a hit. A big fat Indian wedding is every bride’s dream and a little rain should not hamper it.

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