Kraftstar Management – The Founders And Their Ideologies

Kraftstar Management

They say a match is made in heaven! And once it’s made, there are people who transform that dream into reality. It’s here that we come across an entity like Kraftstar Management one of the best wedding planner in Bangalore which is governed by two dynamic and proactive personalities, who are also siblings.

Their difference in the educational background doesn’t stop them from doing a beautiful job on the weddings they are called to manage. With the experience of the customs and rituals that occur in an Indian wedding, their arrangements do not leave any room for complaints.

The commander-in-chief

Kraftstar Management

The captain of this ship is the pro-active and vibrant Aastha Jha, who has successfully arranged almost 400 marriages till date. She has completed her bachelor’s from PESIT in the subject of electrical engineering. Like iron to a magnet, her analytic mind and detail-oriented approach attracted the field of wedding management. From that day, she has been working tirelessly to make the love stories of couples come into spectacular fruition. Her ingenuity, thorough attention to detail and characteristic talent of consumer relationship makes every event she manages a stunning affair.

She ensures that nothing is left for later and resolves the upcoming issues with a calm and dignified approach. As a founder and CEO, she is the perfect example of a great event manager. A soft-hearted romantic in life, her guidance and steering of all the concerned aspects make any wedding a star-studded luminous affair, which the attending parties remember for a long time.

Keeping it running

Kraftstar Management

Kumar Ankit (Satweek), the brother, is a multi-faceted personality and visionary who supports his sister in every step. He has a graduate degree in Business Communications, giving him the necessary foothold in the event management industry.  He started to work as an event manager and currently has three years of experience. His vision, treatment, and the attention to the minutest detail have made their company famous among the wedding management circuit.

The company approach

As a company, these brother-sister duo has no specific inclination towards their client base. They handle extravagant, over-the-top NRI weddings as well as simple, smaller-scale creative functions with equal élan. They provide the most extensive services across all budgets and backgrounds. Familiarity with the wedding rituals of almost every type of culture makes them the go-to-guys for this event. Their creativity and experience make the weddings arranged by them a unique and joyful experience.

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