How to Choose Your Wedding Rings?

How to Choose Your Wedding Rings

Today, we are going to talk about a subject that interests me, jewels. In recent months, you proudly sport your pretty engagement ring and prepare every detail of the wedding. About 6 months before the wedding, you will choose your wedding rings, these jewels that will not leave you throughout your life (normally, it’s all the happiness that I wish you). You are a little lost in the face of the immense choice that is offered to future brides and grooms today? Whether you are traditional or rather modern, I give you here my advice to choose the object that will symbolize your union.With your wedding ring,don’t forget to choose a beautiful ring holder too.A cute ring holder will help you to keep your wedding ring safe!

Tradition or Modernism?

This is the first question to ask. Are you more traditional or modern? Talk to your other half, as it is important to agree on your choices. Tradition has it that you choose identical alliances. In this case, you can say goodbye to this beautiful half-ring decorated with diamonds. Unless your future husband likes that kind of jewelry on his finger

How to Choose Your Wedding Rings

If you are traditional, you will probably choose the side of the rushes / half-rushes America. These models are mixed, more or less domed and exist in the 3 gold’s. You can also choose a slightly larger alliance with a discreet little diamond. They realize very pretty that are both male and female.

On the other hand, if you are modern, you will have more choices. Darling can opt for a very masculine model, thick, flat and brushed gold, and you, a pretty rush or half-ring adorned with diamonds. You will be able to choose different gold,…

With or Without an Engagement Ring?

This question will also guide your choice considerably. Do you want to wear your wedding band next to your engagement ring or to the other hand?

If you want to wear both jewels side by side, think about balance. Two large rings very wide next to each other may hinder you, but mostly lack of aesthetics. We must also be careful that one jewelry does not take precedence over the other. I think you really want people to notice your wedding ring, but also your pretty engagement ring? Some solitaries completely hide the alliance and vice versa.

There are also very nice models that are matched. A kind of wedding dress.

If, on the contrary, you do not want to wear both sides together, then it will be easier to choose the wedding ring that suits you the most, regardless of the aesthetics or width of it.

How to Choose Your Wedding Rings

What budget?

Who says choice of the alliance necessarily says purchase and therefore budget. There are jewels for all means. You must therefore define yours so as not to look for the rare pearl that will ultimately be gold budget and may stay in your mind for a long time. Remember to meet creative jewelers. Often, you will not pay your alliance more expensive, on the contrary! And quality is usually at the rendezvous. Before signing with him and paying him a deposit, look carefully at his creations. Ask him for advice; he knows the harmony and balance of jewelry between them. You can even create a unique piece! Personally, it is this choice that I recommend, but it will not be suitable for all budgets..

What way of life?

This question is also crucial. Indeed, your ring will not leave you. It will have to be adapted to your way of life. It must be realized that a very fine half-ring decorated with small diamonds will be much more fragile than a American ring. The diamonds can get loose, the ring warp…half-rings were incompatible with monsters shooting in all directions.

In addition, do you need comfort? A wider ring with sharp edges will be much less comfortable, especially if swelling of the fingers, than a domed model inside (the must, I can assure you). For men, unaccustomed to having jewelry on their fingers, it will be important that they try their wedding ring several times in order to feel comfortable enough for them. I insist on the domed model inside which will not bother them. Well, for the record, your sweetheart may still be a little rant. Mine left me at church at high school he felt his pulse at the ring. While she was not squeezing it at all. A question of habit has been said?

White gold or platinum?

The question of the moment! Indeed, platinum is making a strong come up in the jewelry market.

I asked myself this question a long time when we chose the rings and I was lucky enough to find a very good jeweler like Midwest Jewellery who preferred to sell us the good jewel rather than the most expensive. I do not think I teach you that platinum is more expensive. In fact, the choice will depend on your lifestyle. It is said that platinum lasts longer in time because it marks less blows than white gold (also called gray gold). However, it is a metal that deforms more easily than gold. This is why this alloy scores less: shots are smoothed in the metal. What can also tip the scales is the very pure white color of platinum. The white color given to gold comes from rhodium plating over gold. When the rhodium disappears with wear, your jewel will become grayer. On the other hand, you can go to rhyme your alliance from time to time. Do not do it too often. Indeed, jewelers are obliged to strip the ring before making the plating process which, in the long run, damages your ring.

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