Choosing your Wedding Shoes : Things to Know

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I am sure that you have found the perfect wedding dress to wear on your special day! But what about your bridal shoes?Have you choose your wedding shoes? If you haven’t really given them some serious thought, it’s time to think again. Your wedding shoes not only need to complement your bridal dress, it should also be a nice fit. Unlike buying other shoes, buying your wedding shoes does need some further attention.Wedding shoes are one of the essential wedding accessories for any bride to appear beautiful on her wedding attire.

How to choose perfect wedding shoes?

If you do not know how to choose perfect matching wedding shoes,here are some tips.Check these tips before you buy your wedding shoes.

1. Make sure your wedding shoes are comfortable to wear

When it comes to heels, it’s true that high heels certainly have a particular sense of elegance and style but there are numerous fashionable flat-heeled shoes that you can choose as well. If you are not used to wearing heels but you want to wear them on the big day, make sure that you practice first by walking in them. Ultimately, make sure that you get yourself a pair of comfortable wedding shoes. A tiny shoe bite can turn into a big pain almost instantly during a wedding. In fact, wedding shoes that you can hardly fit in can result in a few broken ankles. This is an awful sight you won’t want to see on your wedding day. Hence, if your choice of shoes in due course comes down to style versus comfort, go for comfort.

2.Match with your wedding Dress

Many people overlook the importance on how the dress matches with the wedding shoes because they both play a critical role for each other. First and foremost, you should try on your wedding shoes together with your wedding gown. Many wedding dresses have a long train and can be a little hard to walk in. You won’t want to trip during the wedding so you should have a good amount of control in the wedding shoes that you choose. Give yourself a basic set of routine to try the shoes with.Your wedding shoes should be comfortable.You should have no difficulty in walking, climbing stairs and even dancing in your wedding shoes.

3.Consider your budget

Choosing your Wedding Shoes

If your gown is going to cover your feet and you’re absolutely sure that they won’t be seen, you can choose something that is simple yet comfortable. Some smart women have put up something as simple as a pair of white tennis shoes as their wedding shoes. If your wedding budget allows, you can also look into designer wedding shoes. There are several high-end designers that are specialized in designing wedding shoes.

4.Consult a Wedding Shoe Specialis

However, to find your perfect wedding shoes, you should consider a wedding shoe specialist. They can be quite pricey but you can be sure that you’ll have the best wedding shoes possible for your wedding. These specialists will match your shoes with the fabric and the shade of your wedding gown. Your shoe will also be custom-made to fit your feet size. You can even request for some small accessories to be added to make your wedding shoes to be even more special and unique.

You should make every aspect of your wedding day as perfect as possible.When you pay attention to everything that you wear on your big day, it will leave good and wonderful memories to you and your family members.This will be same when you choose your wedding photographer too.

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