How to Add Disney Magic to Your Wedding

How to Add Disney Magic to Your Wedding

Are you in love with Disney characters and everything Disney? Then it is a good idea to choose Disney theme for your magical wedding. If everything done correct, you will be a beautiful princess on your wedding day. How to add Disney Magic to your wedding? To plan such a magical wedding, here are some of the ideas that you can use to your Disney wedding plan.

Choose a wedding venue that suits

To experience the magical moments, the best wedding venue will be one of the Disney theme parks. At least make sure to plan your photo shooting in a Disney park to create magical moments. In case you are unable to host your wedding in a theme park, consider decorating your wedding venue with everything Disney!

Pay attention to your wedding dress

Don’t forget the wedding dress when you plan a Disney themed wedding. Don’t worry; you can easily shop for a Disney wedding dress if you search a bit. This Disney Princess Belle Dress is one of such bridal gown for Disney magical weddings. If you have other ideas in mind, you can even place a custom order.

How to Add Disney Magic to Your Wedding

Add Disney magic to your wedding cake

Characters such as Cinderella come to the mind when it is a Disney wedding. Add some of the Disney inspiration to your wedding cake by choosing a beautiful design. It can be a cake that resemble Cinderella’s castle. Or princess, it needs to add magical moments for your overall wedding. Your guests will be surprised in your magical wonderland! The Little Mermaid and Sleeping Beauty arte some other characters which you can get ideas to mix with your themed wedding planning.

Plan Disney themed sweets and dessert

You can easily plan Disney themed desserts and sweets to your wedding. Together with other food choices, a beautifully arranged Disney dessert table will be a hit among your guests!

Finally, you are free to add features to your wedding. As you are planning a Disney themed wedding, be sure to consider matching characters when you arrange each and every item for your wedding.

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